Over the River
(published by Horace Waters, N.Y., 1863)
On the banks (2x) beyond the stream
Where the fields are always green,
There’s no night (2x), but endless day;
There is where the angels stay.
There’s no sorrow, pain, nor fear;
There’s no parting farewell tear;
There’s no cloud (2x), no darkness there;
All is bright, and clear, and fair.
Soon from earth (2x) I’ll soar away
To the realms of endless day;
Soon I’ll join (2x) the ransomed throng,
And sing with them redemption’s song
Pearly gates stand open wide,
Just beyond death’s chilling tide;
There my mansion (2x) bright I see;
There the angels wait for me.
Fadeless flowers (2x) of beauty there
Trees of life with foliage rare,
Fruits the most (2x) inviting grow,
There is where I want to go.
Hark! I hear the angels sing;
Heavenly harpers, on the wing,
Throng the air (2x), and bid me rise
To the music of the skies.
Earthly homes (2x), adieu, adieu!
Earthly friends, farewell to you!
Softly breathe (2x) your last good-bye!
Jesus calls me, let me die:
Hallelujah! Christ has come!
Hallelujah! I’m near home:
Friends and loved ones (2x), weep no more
“Meet me on the other shore.”