Larry’s Good Bye
(published by S.T. Gordon, N.Y., 1863)
Brave Larry went up to his darling,
To bid her a speedy good bye,
When bound where the cannon was snarling,
The fortunes of battle to try
Sweet Norah, he said, don’t be weeping,
I soon will come back to your side
With all your fond love in my keeping;
And make you my beautiful bride, Norah,
And make you my beautiful bride.
Fair Norah through tear-drops was blushing
And spoke between sobbings and sighs,
As backward her glossy curls pushing
She timidly looked in his eyes.
Dear Larry, you say that you’re going
To wed when you come from the war,
I’m afraid you’ll be killed, there’s no knowing,
Now could we not marry before, Larry --
Now could we not marry before?
A thousand times Larry did kiss her,
Before he was willing to go,
For now he just felt how he’d miss her,
When fronting the ranks of the foe.
My heart will be ever the same, dear,
So Norah, he whisper’d, don’t sigh
I soon will have money and fame, dear;
And then a nice farm we will buy, Norah,
And then a nice farm we will buy.
Now Larry, how could he refuse her,
He saw that he might as well wed
For if he was killed he would lose her,
So unto fair Norah he said.
Mavourneen, its truth you’ve been saying,
And where there’s a will there’s a way
I see there’s no use in delaying,
I’ll wed you this very same day, Norah!
I’ll wed you this very same day.