Long, Long Ago
Words & music: Thomas Haynes Bayly
(published by Firth & Hall, N. Y., ?1830)
Tell me the tales that to me were so dear,
 Long long ago, long long ago:
 Sing me the songs I delighted to hear,
 Long long ago, long ago:
 Now you are come my grief is remov’d,
 Let me forget that so long you have rov’d,
 Let me believe that you love as you lov’d,
 Long long ago, long ago.
Do you remember the path where we met,
 Long long ago, long long ago.
 Ah yes you told me you ne’er would forget,
 Long long ago, long go.
 Then to all others my smile you prefer’d,
 Love when you spoke gave a charm to each word,
 Still my heart treasures the praises I heard.
 Long long ago, long ago.
Though by your kindness my fond hopes were rais’d,
 Long long ago, long, long ago,
 You by more eloquent lips have been prais’d,
 Long long ago, long ago.
 But by long absence your truth has been tried,
 Still to your accents I listen with pride.
 Blest as I was when I sat by your side,
 Long long ago, long ago.